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Types of classes in ArcObject Object Model Diagram.

By Yogesh Sharma Blogs | ArcObject Nov 03, 2012
Types of Classes in ArcObject Model Diagram.

Class types in ArcObject OMD-

The following are the types of classes shown on UML OMDs:

· Abstract classes—Abstract classes cannot be used to create objects (they are a specification for subclasses through type inheritance). For example, a "line" can be an abstract class for "primary line" and "secondary line" classes. Abstract classes are important for developers who want to create their own subclass (they show which interfaces are required and which are optional for the type of class they are implementing). Required interfaces must be implemented on any subclass of the abstract class to ensure the new class behaves correctly in the ArcObjects system.

· Coclasses—Coclasses represent objects that you can directly create using the object declaration syntax in your development environment.

      *Classes—Classes cannot directly create objects, but objects of a class can be created as a property of another         class or instantiated by objects from another class.