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ODBC error while calling a DLL in NetCobol for .net by a DLL in C#
Posted By ruipinheiro on 12 Apr 2004
Hello every one. I’m having an error while trying to call a NetCobol DLL by a C# DLL. The error is JMP0371I-U [PID:00000ee0 TID:00000bd8] ENVIRONMENT INFORMATION FILE ERROR TO PERFORM SQL. '@ODBC_Inf'. PGM=InputTarifa.CobolIniFujitsu.COBOL The file with ODBC information “dbmsacs.inf” is in C:\ COBOL85 file have the following line: “SET @ODBC_Inf=C:\dbmsacs.inf” and is under the DLL Project. DBMSACS.INF: [sql_default_inf] @sql_server=SNEGOCIO @SQL_USERID=cstusermc @SQL_PASSWORD= [server list] SNEGOCIO=SNEGOCIO db_motor=db_motor [db_motor] @SQL_DATASRC=Dev_MC @SQL_USERID=cstusermc @SQL_PASSWORD= @SQL_ACCESS_MODE=READ_WRITE @SQL_COMMIT_MODE=MANUAL @SQL_CONCURRENCY=ROWVER @SQL_ODBC_CURSORS=USE_DRIVER @SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT=0 [CONNECTION_SCOPE] @SQL_CONNECTION_SCOPE=APPLICATION_DOMAIN [SNEGOCIO] @SQL_DATASRC=Dev_MC @SQL_USERID=cstusermc @SQL_PASSWORD= @SQL_ACCESS_MODE=READ_WRITE @SQL_COMMIT_MODE=MANUAL @SQL_CONCURRENCY=ROWVER @SQL_ODBC_CURSORS=USE_DRIVER @SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT=0 The error occurs when calling the first program in NetCobol DLL and is tryng to connect to database server : “ EXEC SQL CONNECT TO 'SNEGOCIO' END-EXEC.” I apreciate any help. Rui
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