Spam King of the World

Posted by Suthish Nair News | Current Affairs Apr 30, 2012
Tags: Spam
Today in international tech news: India earns the dubious distinction of being the world's top spammer.
Surprised, India Crowned Spam King of the World !

As per BBC Reports: 

"India's rapid rise up the chart of spam producers has been helped by the rapid growth of the Web in the country, said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos."

  • About 9.3 percent of all junk email is relayed through India, according to the report. 
  • The U.S., which was the previous No. 1, is second on the list at 8.3 percent. 
  • South Korea, at 5.7 percent, rounds out the top three, followed by Indonesia and Russia

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