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" I found Cbeyond Cloud Services, formerly MaximumASP, very reliable and responsive. C# Corner has been hosted with Cbeyond for over 8 years now and during these 8 years, I have never seen our server slow or down. I highly recommend them." "

 - Mahesh Chand
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MaximumASP Colo - Data Center
Posted by Mahesh Chand in  Article  on Apr 03, 2011  | Views:  4182
Louisville, KY - MaximumColo has developed one of the region's most powerful data centers. Designed to incorporate the latest in power efficiencies, centralized equipment handling, and economies of scale, it's a 19,800-squarefoot facility rivaling the best colocation facilities in the world for redundancy, security, and price.
Why MaximumASP
Posted by Mahesh Chand in  Article  on Apr 03, 2011  | Views:  4308
No one knows servers, hosting and technology like MaximumASP – and that's not even the key reason you should partner with us. The reason? MaximumASP's service and support.
Cbeyond Receives Toastmasters International Corporate Recognition Award
Posted by Mahesh Chand in  News  on Apr 03, 2011  | Views:  1832
Cbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY) (www.cbeyond.net/smb), a leading provider of IT and communications services to small businesses, today announced that Cbeyond is the recipient of the Corporate Recognition Award by Toastmasters International. Cbeyond's Toastmasters club has shown a strong commitment to the program to grow communication leaders since its inception.
How MaxV Reduces Delivery Time and Support Costs
Posted by Mahesh Chand in  Blogs  on Apr 01, 2011  | Views:  1651
Ryan Jones, Virtualization Product Manager at MaximumASP, offers a guest blog entry talking about how MaximumASP used the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit in order to deliver an efficient hosting product.