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Insert and Format Online Picture in Word 2013

By Satya Prakash on Dec 04 2012
In this article I describe how to insert an online picture and format it in a Word document.
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Microsoft Word 2013 has new feature through which user can directly insert picture or video online. There is no need to download image or video in your pc to insert into Word document.

In this article you are able to learn how to insert picture in your Word document.

Insert online picture

Do the following steps for insert online picture in your Word document.

Step 1

Open your Word document which you want to insert online picture.


Step 2

Move the mouse pointer at location where your want to insert online picture.

Step 3

Go to Insert tab and and click on the Online Picture button.


Step 4

Now Insert pictures window will appear. It allows you to insert pictures from and Bing image Search.


Step 5

Select the services that you want and Enter the keyword in the search box in the same service's line.


Step 6

Choose the image that you want to insert in your document and click on the Insert button.


Note:  You can also insert multiple images to the document at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

See the selected picture in your Word document.


Format inserted picture

Now simply Double-click over the picture in the Word document; that provides us several format options available in the Format Tab.