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Microsoft Office

Move Table in Word 2013

By Satya Prakash on Nov 14, 2012
In this article I explain how to move a table within a document or to another document.

Move table

Microsoft Word has a facility to move a table from one place to another place along with the table content within the single Word document. In this article I will explain the procedure to move a table within a document or to another document.

To do so use the following procedure.

Step 1

Insert a table into your Word document.


Step 2

Hover the mouse pointer over the table. You will see a small Cross Icon appear at the top-left corner. Now click over the Cross Icon to select the entire table along with the content.


Step 3

Once the table is selected, use the Cut button or simply press the Ctrl+X key to cut the table from the original location.

Step 4

Now put your mouse pointer where you want to move the table to and click on the Paste button or press the Ctrl + V keys to paste at the desired location.


Note: The table can also be moved to another Word document. Simply open the other Word document and put mouse point at the location where you want to paste the table you cut.