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Static class in C#

By Hirendra Sisodiya on Jul 28, 2010
In this article you will learn how to use Static classes in c#.

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C# provides the important feature to create static classes, there are two main features of a static class, one is no object of static class can be created and another is, a static class must contain only static members, then it is important that what is the main benefit to create a static class, the main benefit of making static class, we do not need to make any instance of this class ,all members can be accessible with its own name.


A static class is created by using keyword 'Static' as shown here:

Static class Clasname


One more thing that is notable-within static class, all members must be explicitly specified as static, static class does not automatically make its members static. Static class can contain a collection of static methods.


using System;


static class Shape


    public static double GetArea(double Width, double height)


        return Width * Height;




class Ractangle


    private void GetRactangleArea()


        Double Area;

        Area = Shape.GetArea(10, 5);



Shape is static class, it contain staic function GetArea.Ractangle is other class and with in GetArea function can be access without creating instace of Class Shape.

Although a static class cannot have an instance constructor, it can have a static constructor.

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