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By Mahesh Chand Jul 21, 2006
C# Corner authors team is working on couple of programming books targeting Windows Vista and other new technologies and looking for a team of authors who would like to get involved in authoring work.
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UPDATE: July 19, 2005

We have selected a team of authors. The list of selected authors are:

  • Mathew Cochran
  • John Charles
  • Satheesh Kumar
  • Doug Cook
  • Moustafa Arafa
  • Mahesh Chand
  • Mike Gold

The team will work on three books simultaneously targetting XAML, Windows Vista, and Graphics programming topics.



Yes this is correct. I am working on few new books that target Microsoft Vista and other new technologies including XAML and .NET Framework 3.0. I am working on building a team of strong and sharp C# Corner authors who like to get involved in authoring engagements.

This opportunity is for C# Corner authors only. If you are a regular author or contributor on C# Corner and would like to learn more about this opportunity, contact me immediately or post a message below with a breif summary of your work and experience.


1. Working or planning to work with new technologies such as Windows Vista, XAML, .NET Framework 3.0 and DLINK
2. Willing to spend 20 hrs a month minimum
3. Contribute regular articles on C# Corner to earn some recognition in the community


July 15, 2006

- Namaste

Mahesh Chand

C# Corner founder, 10-times Microsoft MVP, technical author, and software architect. Mahesh authored his first book, A Programmer’s Guide to ADO.NET in C# with APress at the age of 25. C# Corner is a memb... Read more



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