Microsoft announces new Windows Phone Dev Center

Aug 07, 2012 News | Current Affairs
Today, Microsoft announced its newly rebranded Windows Phone marketplace calling it Dev Center.
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Microsoft announces new Windows Phone Dev Center


Have you involved with Windows Phone development? Windows Phone Marketplace was the name of the place where you could sell your apps and it was used to download and buy Windows Phone apps.

Today, Microsoft announced the newly rebranded Windows Phone place calling it Dev Center where developers can learn, build and deploy their apps.

So what’s new in Dev Center

First of all, the new Dev Center is redesigned and rebranded in metro style. It gives a new experience to developers and let developers find resources to create great apps and make them available to customers.

Microsoft has also improved the app submission process. The submission process is faster, and it easier to manage your account and track your app’s progress.

The new dashboard looks like this.


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