Windows 8 is doing well, says Dell

Dec 13, 2012 News | Windows 8
Windows 8 seems to have a strong demand in business customers.
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Windows 8 is doing well, says Dell

Couple of weeks ago, Microsoft CEO announced Microsoft has sold 40 million licenses of Windows 8 within a month but not too many people believed him. Some said Windows 8 a confused product and some says, Windows 8 and Surface aren’t selling that well.

Dell says otherwise. Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc. says that he’s seeing strong demand for computers and tablets running Windows 8. On a news published on Bloomberg, Dell CEO said:

“The interest in Windows 8 is quite high, even among commercial customers” who tend to be slower to install new software, he said at the Dell World customer conference in Austin, Texas.

In Oct month this year, Microsoft announced Windows 8, its newest operating system. Microsoft also announced its first Tablet, Surface. Some reports said, Surface wasn't selling well but another report said, Microsoft increases Production and Distribution for Surface.

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