Siri coming to your car

By Mahesh Chand Feb 14, 2013
Siri coming to your car

Remember that lady on your iPhone that is available to you 24/7 and replies to all your questions, no matter what you ask? Well, she may be going into cars now. But no worries, you will still have your lady.

As reported on WS Cheat Sheet, Chevy launched its two models, Spark and Sonic with Siri in them. Car maker Chevrolet will be the first automaker to offer Appleā€™s Siri integration in its cars. However, soon you will see many more automakers will be putting Siri in their cars. As a matter of fact, nine automakers are already implementing Siri in their cars.

The system is called Chevrolet MyLink, allowing you to talk hands-free while on your phone making calls, listening to music, sending text and so on. 

Mahesh Chand

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