Microsoft Kinect, Source code lands

Posted by Nisha Dwivedi News | Current Affairs Mar 12, 2013
Microsoft released the Kinect for Windows samples under an open source license.
Microsoft has issued Kinect for Windows code samples under the open source Apache 2.0 license, it publicized on an official developer blog today, reports CNET.

A total of 22 code samples are available in C++, VisualBasic, and C# and include such elements as face tracking, depth of field, and audio capture/speech controls. Interested developers will need to download VisualStudio, .NET, and the Kinect for Windows SDK before getting started.

Microsoft inspires the development community to give comment on samples via CodePlex's feedback system. As well through CodePlex, Microsoft will be able to update samples faster and the community will have the ability to subscribe to code update notifications.

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