Convert DataTable to Excel in .NET

Posted by Donald Green News | .NET 4.5 Sep 10, 2013
Improved interaction between Excel and DataTable with Elerium Excel .NET 2.1.
Today Elerium Software is pleased to introduce the next version of Elerium Excel .NET component. Now the component supports the Arabic text, right to left direction and multilingual formulas. Additionally the functions of reading/writing XLSX files were tested and improved for better functionality.

The main changes:

- Improved functions of reading/writing XLSX files.
- Added the ability to move cell/column/row.
- Added the ability to set right-to-left direction in Excel worksheet properties.
- Added Arabic text support.
- Added support of multilingual formulas.
- Improved methods to work with formulas.
- Improved methods of interaction with DataTable.
- Fixed a number of minor bugs.

The Elerium Excel .NET component can be easily used for communication between the Excel documents and database. For more information about the component please visit the product page:
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