Best Buy to include Mini Samsung stores

By Nisha Dwivedi Mar 29 2013
Certain Best Buy is planning to use the space to open mini-Samsung stores in time for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4.
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Samsung may shortly be launching Samsung Stores in select Best Buy locations ahead of the Galaxy S4's U.S. launch. According to CNet some Best Buy locations are planning to mark off separate areas in their stores to fully sell Samsung products. 

Though the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the star of the Samsung Mobile department, other Samsung products from tablets to other smartphones will be displayed. The new section will be dressed in large Samsung signage and offer custom demo stations for many of Samsung’s products and that Best Buy will be issuing special training sessions for employees in the mobile department, focusing heavily on how to show off Samsung-specific features.

Sooner or later, every Best Buy location should include a Samsung store within it. Store-within-a-store concept is initiated by Apple. Many companies such as Microsoft have tried to compete with Apple but no one has reached to its achievement.  Apple invented stores so Samsung is just copying again.