C# Corner Gang and the Progress

By Mahesh Chand Sep 24 2005
We are almost done with implementing new site features and now concentrating on the performance and tuning.
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We recieved an email from Cale Teeter saying, "Not sure what was changed on your site, but the speed is much better.  This site used to crawl when I viewed it.  Good job to someone!".

Isn't that nice to see this kind of emails? Well, good job is done by Ashish, Bhasker, and C# Corner development team. Now we are almost done with the Phase 1 functionality and concentrating on performance and tuning areas. Luckily, in first couple of days, we hit the home page, some part of forums and still improving other areas. For next 2 to 4 weeks, you will be seeing a lot more activities on the site including performance enhancements in different areas.

Eventually, we got some C# Corner T-Shirts and other goodies. We have just finalized the goodies and starting next couple of months, we will be giving away goodies to our members.

C# Corner Gang - Joe, Mahesh, Ashish, and Bhasker

Finally, we got a slogan - "Do you C Sharp? We do".

We also signed a professioanl model for our upcoming photo shoots.  Watch out, we are working on contracting couple of female models ;-) too.