C# Corner Q3, 2013 MVPs Announced

By Praveen Moosad Oct 01, 2013
We are pleased to announce the C# Corner MVPs for the third quarter of year 2013. Congratulations to all MVPs.
We are happy to announce the C# Corner MVP for the third quarter of year 2013. Congratulations to all members.

We really appreciate your hard work and contributions to make C# Corner a successful community.

Here is the list of authors selected for MVP by the C# corner judges.

  1. Abhishek Jain
  2. Amit Choudhary
  3. Amit Tiwari
  4. Ankur Mishra
  5. Debadatta Mishra
  6. Destin Joy
  7. Dhananjay Kumar
  8. Hemant Srivastava
  9. Ibrahim Ersoy
  10. Iftikar Hussain
  11. Jaganathan Bantheswaran
  12. Mukesh Kumar
  13. Muralidharan Deenathayalan
  14. Om Agarwal
  15. Ramesh Kartik
  16. Ravi Shekhar
  17. Sanjeeb Lenka
  18. Sourav Kayal
  19. Suchit Khanna
  20. Veena Sarda
  21. Akhil Mittal
Congratulations to all the authors listed here.
See all MVPs here >

If you are one of the MVPs, please send your mailing address. Please send your address including your phone number and pincode to PRAVEEN AT C-SHARPCORNER DOT COM.
Praveen Moosad
Praveen Moosad

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