Google Drive now lets you send 10GB Files

By Mahesh Chand Dec 02 2012
Gmail and Google Drive has increased the file size limit, up to 10GB.
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blog announcement by Gmail and Drive product manager Phil Sharp mentioned that now you can send files up to 10GB in size.

In his blog, he wrote:

“Have you ever tried to attach a file to an email only to find out it's too large to send? Now with Drive, you can insert files up to 10GB -- 400 times larger than what you can send as a traditional attachment. Also, because you’re sending a file stored in the cloud, all your recipients will have access to the same, most-up-to-date version.

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does after this.

I believe, Microsoft SkyDrive allows up to 2GB free storage. Now after this announcement, I am sure Microsoft will step up its storage size.

This will definitely impact DropBox.

With the launch of Windows 8, SkyDrive is becoming quite popular. Windows 8 automatically connects, stores and syncs your files to SkyDrive. I’ve been using Windows 8, Office 2013, and other new cool tools including SkyDrive. It makes my life easier. Now I don’t need to login to Gmail or download and use DropBox. I simply right-click on the Explorer and sync or auto sync my files. Microsoft recently added the selective sync feature to SkyDrive, which I found very useful.