Got a Programming Question? Read this

So you have a programming question and have no time to wait for the answer like every body else. The following list will ensure to put your question on a faster process:

  1. We have thousands of articles written on various problems on this site. Before you post your question, use the Search control. When using the Search control, use a proper keywords and phrases. For example, if you your question is - "How to write to an XML file in C#", you can type the phrase - "write XML file C#" and you will see the results. Also make sure you select from Any Word or Exact Word options.
  2. OK, so you did not find your answer using the Search control. Now you can go ahead and post your question on Forums by clicking on the Forum link on the header. But before posting your question on the forums, make sure -

    1. Search forums first.
    2. Your question is in the correct forum category. For example, if you have an ASP.NET related question, make sure to post your question in the ASP.NET category only.
    3. Do not post your question into multiple categories.
    4. Post as much as details about your problem you can including source code. 
  3. If you have a question related to a particular article posted on the site, make sure to post the question below that article using the "Post Comments" link at the bottom of the article. 
  4. Do not send programming related questions to webmaster or any body else.

If you still can't get answer of your question,  C# Corner authors often act as consultants and some will answer your question on a consulting basis.  Depending on how much spending you are willing to commit to our C# Corner consultants, they can go above and beyond answering your question and even help you complete a project.  You can even request a specific author if you feel he/she can help you in your area of expertise and he is available for a project.  If you wish to have a question answered on a consulting basis, please e-mail C# Corner at mahesh AT (serious inquiries only).

I hope by following the above guidelines will make sure to get your answer quickly.