Nokia Imaging Chief Dinning On Way Out

Reuters reports today that Nokia's chief of imaging, Damian Dinning, will leave the company effective at the end of November. The move bears particular significance because imaging has become one of the major selling points for the struggling Finnish phonemaker as it seeks to establish itself in the smartphone market. 

According to the report, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has shuffled most of the company's top management since taking over in 2010, with Dinning the latest of several executives to leave the company. Dinning will move on to work with Jaguar Land Rover in the area of connected cars, declining to to relocate to Finland as cash-strapped Nokia looks to concentrate its operations. 

Nokia's partnership with Microsoft on Windows Phone 8 represents a potential avenue to advance its sales of high-end smartphones, particularly as the Windows Phone 8 UI is so driven by live images. Nokia's Lumia models are an impressive example of Nokia's powerful display and imaging capabilities. Replacing Dinning will be an important challenge for Nokia to sustain what has become a strength.