Turn any surface into touchscreen with $149 Ubi app

By Nisha Dwivedi Aug 16 2013
Microsoft and Ubi Interactive revealed software that turns any surface into a touch display.
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According to CNet, Microsoft unveiled today, a new system that could turn any surface into touch display. Developed by Ubi Interactive, the system required a Microsoft Kinect and a projector.

The Ubi program supports the interaction with Windows 8 programs from a projected display. The app will boost displays up to 45 inches in size, and the elementary version assist only a particular finger touch. Ubi offers four software licensing options: Basic, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

Ubi interactive says that app will work with any projector user don’t need to have a touch screen, but the PC has to run on Windows 8 and display should be at least 720p. The only restriction with that app is it only works with Windows apps that have been enriched for touchscreens.

You can order Ubi from Ubi Interactive website; it costs between $149 to $1499, depending on the display size and the type of customer support.