Updated Security Intelligence Report Desktop Application Now Available

By Nisha Dwivedi Dec 23, 2013
Microsoft updated Security Intelligence Report desktop application with over 750 pages of data.
Microsoft unveils a new version of the Security Intelligence Report (SIR) app, since it has received massive positive response from customers. The app includes around 750 pages of content from the latest SIR, volume 15.
Microsoft launched the Security Intelligence Report (SIR) application a few months back. The application was designed to inform the customers of the huge amount of threat intelligence, including "exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware", in the SIR. The SIR app supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 based system. Volume 15 is the latest release of the Security Intelligence Report. To download the new Security Intelligence Report, please visit
To download the new version of the app click here. For more details about the app read the official blog.