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Windows Azure for developers Task4: Error Attaching the debugger in Windows Azure SDK 1.3

By Dhananjay Kumar on Feb 21, 2011
Here you will see Windows Azure for developers Task4: Error Attaching the debugger in Windows Azure SDK 1.3.

I installed Windows Azure SDL V 1.3, then I tried to create a Hello World Azure Application.

I pressed F5 and got the error as below:


I tried Ctrl+F5 to run without the debugger and did not get the exception above but instead got a service unavailable error in the browser.

On this particular exception I found a very good discussion here

Option 1

First suggestion was to check whether there are two folders in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64 for V4.0 and rename one of the folders. I checked and I found I had only one folder for v4.0.30319 so this suggestion was not relevant to me.

Option 2

Second suggestion was to open the command prompt and run aspnet_regiis.exe –r. I tried and again I was not lucky.


Option 3

Third suggestion was to change the target framework from V4.0 to v3.5. I did that and was unlucky once again.

Option 4

Fourth suggestion was to delete the Sites element from the ServiceDefinition.csdef file. I was unlucky once again.


Option 5

Fifth option was to test whether a normal web Application with target framework 4.0 is getting published successfully in IIS or not? I tried that and I was able to publish. So my IIS was working fine.
I got frustrated and restarted and system and found everything working, I did not get that debugger exception. I have no idea what happened but this was my experience with this popular exception.

Dhananjay  Kumar
Dhananjay Kumar

Dhananjay kumar is 6 times Microsoft MVP, 7 times C# Corner MVP. He works as consultant for Infragistics in India. He is known for mentoring teams on various technologies.

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