Parrot Launches New Drone: The Disco

Parrot has recently introduced the latest drone, known as the Disco, which comes with fixed-wing aircraft.

Parrot has recently introduced the latest drone, known as the Disco. It is a fixed-wing aircraft, and in order for it to take off all you need to do is simply toss it in the air and stand back.
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This device weighs around 700 grams, which is roughly 1.5 pounds. Its top speed is 80 kilometers per hour (about 50 miles per hour) which is way faster than most consumer drones available in the market. The fixed-wing design provides the device with better battery life. Parrot promises 45 minutes of flight on a single charge. This device can easily be operated with Parrot’s SkyController or a standard RC controller. You can also plot out a flight plan with the app, letting the device do the entire navigation.
According to Parrot, the Disco comes with removable wings, which allows the device to be more compact for transportation. This will also help to disperse impact in case of a rough landing.
The Disco has the same 14-megapixel camera at the nose as Bebop, with the same three-axis stabilization. You can easily hook it up to FPV glasses, which allow you to obtain a drone’s eye view of the world while you fly. Just like Bebop, the Disco relies on Wi-Fi for live stream, which means that you might not be able to get a crisp picture, and the signal will regularly drop if you are few hundred meters away from the device.

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