Hi. Love the article, this is exactly what I was looking for. A simple method for communicating across a decoupled components in an application. (and a very good read).If you don't mind a question though - how would you recommend communicating across decoupled components (in real time) if you should never have a response to a command? (i'm looking for a way to get around circular references, and was thinking something like this would be perfect).Thanks
Posted by saan Mar 21, 2013
This is bloody good, well explained and entertaining article.. enjoyed enough reading it.. Subscribing to you Jonas.
Posted by Amit Choudhary Dec 26, 2012
Hi Jonas, Welcome to Mindcracker community and C# Corner. Truly a rocking article. Most times developers make mistakes that leads major testing and bug fixes. Sometimes I believe, during bug fixes only a developer understanding the actual requirement. Looking for more article from you... keep posting..
Posted by Suthish Nair Dec 06, 2012
right jons
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 06, 2012
imho managers should not be blamed for bugs. It's the developers that should make sure that their code works. Cutting corners just to get ready in time is the worst thing to do. What you get is a buggy application with all features instead of a fully working application with a subset of the specified features.Which application do you think is easier to continue to work with?Time estimation and management in very different subjects which is not addressed in my article.
Posted by Jonas Gauffin Dec 06, 2012
mahesh sir,its also happens due to lack of new technologies knowledge ,because almost all managers knows old technologies and they dont spend time to know new technologies
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 06, 2012
Good article. I do agree with Sam. Managers not following proper coding protocols, not having enough time to invent the optimal solutions and constantly changing requirements are the root cause of bugs. If you read Software Engineering and RD books, they recommend to spend 30% of the time on Testing for the entire project. In real-life, we hardly spend 10%.
Posted by Mahesh Chand Dec 05, 2012
very nice !!!
Posted by Anil Kumar Dec 05, 2012
Great article
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 05, 2012
Great article
Posted by Dinesh Beniwal Dec 05, 2012
Thank you for the entertaining article. It was fun to edit. I have one more comment; however. In my opinion, the greatest cause of programmers introducing bugs by programming too quickly is mamangement trying to get quick results. I assume that still happens.
Posted by Sam Hobbs Dec 04, 2012

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