Nice explanation bro.. Thanks
Posted by Ganapathi Raman Oct 27, 2017
The class is created for the purpose of providing common fields and members to all subclasses then use abstract class
Posted by Ankit Singh Jul 28, 2017
thanks vishajeet
Posted by Vithal Wadje Nov 26, 2013
Nice Article..Vithal...!!
Posted by Vishvajeet Pawar Nov 26, 2013
thank you charinda nanayakkara sir,it my pleasure
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 25, 2012
Thank you sarath kumar sir
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 25, 2012
nice simple article.thanx.
Posted by charinda nanayakkara Dec 25, 2012
Hi thanks for your article .. But i am having doubt . How the abstract class will work in Whatever the class we can create object for that directly know.. Whether it will improve in performance???
Posted by sarath kumar Dec 21, 2012
Thank you akhil sir for reading my article, this is a very good question now i am preparing article on that since last few days once it complted i will personally inform you. if you have suggestion regarding my current artilce then contact me i will improve it
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 10, 2012
When to use abstract class and when to use interfaces????
Posted by Akhil Mittal Dec 10, 2012
adil sir ,refer examples from above
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 06, 2012
thanks for this article, but i am still confused that in scenario where i need "common fields and members to all sub-classes" i can just use the non abstract class instead of the abstract class and also if implementation of the some of the member in my class isn't possible, I can make them virtual in non abstract class and can overwrite it later on in sub-classes. So when, where and why we should use the Abstract class ?? Any clarification would be appreciated!
Posted by Adil Ansari Nov 28, 2012
ok sir,i will try to write as soon as possible
Posted by Vithal Wadje Nov 28, 2012
waiting ...Vithal
Posted by Rohatash Kumar Nov 28, 2012
yes Rohatash sir ,i will write a new article on it becaue it deep concept and in some cases Abstract Base Classes fail in versioning
Posted by Vithal Wadje Nov 27, 2012
Vithal. can you define versioning with abstract class?
Posted by Rohatash Kumar Nov 27, 2012

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