Great, It's really helpful !
Posted by Krishna Reddy B V Nov 20, 2017
This is a very good article.It helps me a lot.Thanks.
Posted by Subhajit Giri Nov 02, 2017
Mahesh said that:" The coder must see the big picture and entire architecture and how various classes / components are glued (loosely) together" it must be a result of my article. whole project needs to good start point which are seeing big picture, entire architecture etc. Thanks any best regards...
Posted by Yusuf Karatoprak Dec 24, 2012
To add Sam's point, one of the major disadvantages of loose coupling is, a coder must be experienced and project must follow design standards. If coder does not understand the concept, they will end up breaking things. The coder must see the big picture and entire architecture and how various classes / components are glued (loosely) together.
Posted by Mahesh Chand Dec 21, 2012
good one
Posted by Vithal Wadje Dec 21, 2012
Thanks Sam; i agree with your opinion about disadvantages of loose coupling. But it is a kind of habit to use loose coupling. if a programmer uses loose coupling , you will have a good habit. Also i guess all small projects can be grow with unpredictable. However, it is your choose. if you have small one, you will use tight coupling. But you must imagine this project can be discovered by a new customer who want to add new features...
Posted by Yusuf Karatoprak Dec 20, 2012
Thank you.Yusuf
Posted by Rohatash Kumar Dec 19, 2012
Thank you, Yusuf. I agree with everything. I hope this helps many people. I think you will agree that a disadvantage of loose coupling is that it requires more work. That can be a problem for small projects that grow into large ones. It happens, correct? I think you almost make the point that when a small project grows into a large project tight coupling can become very expensive and that is why it helps to invest the extra time in using loose coupling even for small projects. And I think it helps for management to understand that the investment can save money. Mamagement needs to understand that developers that use loose coupling from the beginning are usually more cost effective than developers that throw something together real fast.
Posted by Sam Hobbs Dec 19, 2012
You are encouraging me to write new one. Thanks alot again...
Posted by Yusuf Karatoprak Dec 19, 2012
Good Start Yusuf.
Posted by Dinesh Beniwal Dec 19, 2012
Thanks alot Mahesh. i will prepare new articles about architecture from my point of view .
Posted by Yusuf Karatoprak Dec 19, 2012
Welcome Yusuf! ASP.NET MVC is a perfect example of a working loosely coupled architecture.
Posted by Mahesh Chand Dec 19, 2012

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