Great and solid base step towards building community.. :)
Posted by Kamal Rawat Dec 18, 2012
Amit, we do have some interest from Pune members. We will start evaluating and hopefully will have Pune and Banglore chapters started sometime early next year.
Posted by Mahesh Chand Nov 29, 2012
Pune also
Posted by Amit Patel Nov 24, 2012
great news!!!
Posted by kunj Rathore Nov 23, 2012
Good point Deepak. We will have ti wait until few senior members step up who are capable of running chapters with the resources. Cheers!
Posted by Mahesh Chand Nov 21, 2012
That is a great news!!!
Posted by Akkiraju Ivaturi Nov 20, 2012
Please start it in Bangalore..I am bit amaze to see that it is not in Bangalore......
Posted by Deepak Goyal Nov 19, 2012
Well Keep it up!
Posted by sujeet jaiswara Nov 18, 2012
You can join by simply going to the Chapters, find a chapter and Join. Please keep in mind, we have 5 chapters only. So it may not be in your city right now. But goal is to have in every major city eventually if we are able to do it. Hopefully some local members will step up. Cheers!
Posted by Mahesh Chand Nov 16, 2012
Wow... That's a very good feature... Looking forward for some good chapters in mumbai... :) Thank u praveen sir for this information.
Posted by Shivanand Arur Nov 16, 2012
How can we join???
Posted by sadiq syed Nov 16, 2012
@Praveen: Thank you so much!
Posted by Ibrahim Ersoy Nov 16, 2012
@Anil, YES you can become member of two chapters.
Posted by Praveen Moosad Nov 16, 2012
@Ibrahim, Created Istanbul Chapter with you as leader.
Posted by Praveen Moosad Nov 16, 2012
Awesome! Can you please add DevMajor Turkey Chapter,too?
Posted by Ibrahim Ersoy Nov 16, 2012
Can a person join (become member) of two Chapters?
Posted by Anil Kumar Nov 16, 2012

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