Build Your Application Using PhoneGap: Build

In this walkthrough I will show you how to build your application using PhoneGap Build. Very first create your application using any of the technology choices like jQuery mobile or KendoUI Mobile. PhoneGap allows you to create a hybrid application.

Navigate to Phonegap Build and register yourself by clicking on the Register button; see:


You can either login using an Adobe account or a Github account, as in:


I am loggin in using Github. You will be prompted to authorize the Application. Click on the Allow button to authorize the application; see:


Check both the check box and click on Complete My Registration.


After completing registeration you need to upload the application to complie. There are three options for submitting your application:

  1. Create a new Repisotry in GIT for your application.
  2. Pull the application from GIT. In this case you already have your application in the GIT repository.
  3. Uplaod the application as a zip file.


I am pulling the application from the GIT repository here. After that you need to click on the Create button to create the build for the application. On the next screen you will see that the build for the entire platform is available for download.


A point worth saying here is that for building for iOS you need to register your application and need a signing key for it. In this way you can build your application for different platform. I hope you find this article useful. Thanks for reading.


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