C# Corner Congratulates Dhananjay Kumar on Completing 500 Articles

Surrounded with so many authors who boast of their achievements and knowledge I find Dhananjay Kumar to be the man with the mettle. According to me he is an achiever, spreading his vast knowledge in the simplest of ways through C# Corner; without the hue and grandeur of the hollow attention craver; He is spreading his knowledge selflessly without asking for anything in return.

The silent hero has been contributing ardently and passionately since 2008 and is the top most quality contributor in the field of IT technology. He has been educating the world through his vast knowledge and experience.  

He has a fine eye, for selecting and timely presenting a topic, like no other author has. His articles are meticulously written and are extremely easy to understand. He presents the material in such a way that it helps the reader to understand the concept and follow it easily.


                      Dhananjay Kumar at a session at C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet


                         Dhananjay Kumar, Mahesh Chand, Suchit Khanna and Brij Bhushan Mishra

He is thoughtful about the mindset of a layman and thus creates an article in a manner that is easily understandable and can be followed spontaneously.

Time and again he has helped us unravel the mysteries of various technologies and gain a masters hand at the same.

                                       Dhananjay Kumar with C# Corner Delhi Chapter Attendees

I salute the great contributions of Dhananjay Kumar aka DJ (as his friends love to call him) and wish him all the best for his flourishing career ahead. And I do hope he will continue to guide us in the future as well, with his articles, posts, blogs and superb speaking skills.

I wish his journey of educating the world never ends at C# Corner.

In the long list of jewels in his crown, I favor the most shining jewel that anyone can have; his social corporate responsibility and youth empowering initiative PRAYAN.

                                        Dhananjay Kumar with Village Youths during Prayan

DJ was the Delhi Chapter Lead at PRAYAN organized on the 19th of October 2013 at Choudhary Charan Singh Brij Khand Inter College, Bathain, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. He initiated PRAYAN to empower the poor youth without resources. The meet, the chapter was focused on school students from villages.

These village areas and its youth are almost on the threshold of beginning a new life and make a career out of it but unfortunately lack proper and professional guidance and resources to embark on the journey.

But DJ took the challenge; he identified the problem areas and methods of empowering, guiding and eradicating the delinquencies. Along with the C# Corner team he led a 200 strong meet.

In an incredibly interactive session DJ showed the poverty battling students and their guardians how a gentle nudge towards the right direction at the right time can change their lives and show them the path.

His contributions in the several Chapter meets till date of C# Corner are unparalleled. Amidst a huge crowd, at the global Indian meets, solely DJ has the capacity to captivate the enthusiastic and wandering minds and souls. He, the main influencer, encapsules the inquisitive minds with his knowledge and fills it with the innovative and path-breaking ideas, that helps the listeners grow in their fields, respectively.

I once again salute the guy who knows no boundaries when it comes to pouring out his knowledge for the greater good.

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