Best Practices Of Power Apps Documentation For Customers, Developers, And Knowledge Transfer


During this blog, we will discuss different types of documentation that we can prepare for our Power Apps that can be used for future internal purposes, end-users’ guidelines, and easy for knowledge transfer! So, let’s get started!! 

1. Architecture and Design Guideline Document

This should cover the overall architecture app considering all business processes, User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces, and the design of the app.

2. Technical Specification Document

The document covers the information about all the technicalities used to develop the Power Apps. These can be all the data sources used for building the Power Apps. Any workflows, Business Process flows, Power Automate, Custom connectors, API calls, Premium connectors used to develop the app.

3. End-User Guideline and Accessibility Document

The document covers the step-by-step guide for end-users. The guide should be developed for a different types of user roles. This should cover the overall sitemap for the app for the end-users. Also, the steps should mention in such a manner that any user can follow the steps and be able to achieve the desired task without any confusion. The guide should have more and more screenshots for better understandings! Also, if any keyboard shortcut or accessibility key is being used, please mention it perfectly!

4. Internal Marketing Document

The organizations can develop some marketing material for their internal purpose of the sale. This can be like showcasing documentation with good screenshots and covering functional features of the app we developed!

5. Change Log Document

Generally, with the time being we are developing more and more features for our Power Apps. Those all changes should be tracked with each release. This will help us to track overall feature progress for the Power Apps.

6. Definitions Document

The document covers the most common definitions or terms used to develop the app. Every business has a specific term to define the business processes. All the definitions should be documented well.

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