Social Media - Do's And Don’ts

In my current work experience in social media marketing, I have observed a few things to keep in mind while maintaining a social media account. I am sharing some “Social Media Do’s and Dont’s” which might help you.
Social Media Do’s
  • Try to complete all of your social media profiles. Nowadays, almost everyone has an account on popular social media websites. In order to stand out among them, you must appear a little more professional. Use proper images, content, and logos while handling any business pages. It fascinates the audience and increases your site traffic.

  • Keep your personal and professional accounts separate. The users following you must know which account to follow, and from which account they will land on your website.

  • Know what you are sharing. The stuff you share on social accounts reflects your personality and your business too. Keep track of the outcomes from this sharing activity, no matter if it is impressive or not. Remember, no one likes a tedious post.

  • Be available on at least top three social networks, i.e, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make priorities of your networks and keep socializing. Mention the links to these sites on your business pages so that your audience does not face difficulties trying to explore your business.

  • Build relations with the audience. Do not depend only on the content marketing thing. Involve audience participation frequently by organizing events, contests, and/or polls. Regularly reply to the queries raised by your followers. In short, make them feel that “you are there for them".

  • If you face any kind of criticism, be calm and reply the best you can. Do not try to escape from certain situations. Let the users know that you are trustworthy so provide your users with the best possible solution.

  • Images play an important role too. Be presentable and entertaining. Use attractive fonts and colors to acquire attention. But don’t bombard your followers and audience with frequent posts or re-post. Call to action is good but don't force them to re-post what you are sharing. If your content is good, it will be re-shared automatically.

  • Posting visual stories and testimonials is another great idea behind good social media marketing. It will boost the performance of your strategy. Prefer Instagram if your business frequently uses visual posts.

Social Media Don'ts
  • Do not use too many characters in a hashtag. To make your brand's hashtag, keep it as short as possible. Like, ‘#socialmediaplatform’ may target a specific audience but it would not work well because nobody wants to write long words on social media.

  • Tagging someone in your photos is quite effective but don’t tag someone without their permission. Many people prefer privacy and want to be removed from tagging.

  • Don’t use social media as your dumping ground. Yes, it’s free and you can post anything; but never show your business problems or sadness on social media. It will lead to a lack of interest of the audience into your business.

  • Don’t mention details other than the necessary ones. If you do, you may invite hackers and scammers to ruin your business in a minute.

  • Don’t get cavalier with your account passwords. The unauthorized users accessing your social media account may wreak havoc upon your business.

  • Don't stop testing your strategy. Once you have planned it, go through it and keep refining. Also, change your strategy once in a while to analyze where improvement is needed.
I hope it will help you grow your business using social media. I will keep sharing more tips and tricks of social media marketing in future. Stay tuned!!!