An Important Advice to all authors of our site

I will start with saying  "Belive  in yourself and your work ". 

There is nothing hidden and few [Infact one of our author ] is just so desparate. He/She is sending mail, calling  to  almost eveyone in Indian Microsoft and MVP community  to help him to become  Microsoft MVP, Guide him  to become MVP etc etc ..  I guess , It is not gona help. You get Microsoft MVP award for your hard work not due to recommendation. It takes effort and time to be known in the community and there is no shortcut of this.

This particular author is writing for almost all sites exist as of now  , running his own blog  and I do not find any thing wrong in this. As an author you are free to post your articles any where and everywhere. Values and prinicipal  of our site also does not mitigate any author in multiple posting.

 I want to make one point , when I got Microsoft MVP 1st time , I was just 2  year old in  software industry . I were knowing no one in the community . I had only one focus write, write , write. Even I did not have twiiter and Facebook acccount by that time. I did not have my own blog. I was just focusing on writing for our site. Yes I proudly say my articles were not to increase numbers , they were really well reseached and advanced. In jan 2010 , I was writing on azure and all . What I am saying is be orginal , work hard you will get MVP or many other things.

I have an advice for this author , you are making name of our site also bad. Because you intrduce yourself as MINDCARCKER MVP in mails and Phone call . This is mitigating image of MINDCARCKER MVP .

Just work hard and you will get eveything you deserve.  This blog post is for eveyone who is reading. If I have more than 600 floowers on twiiter , I did not go and told them to follow me. I earned them as my follwoer.

Please berefarin to get exposed very much. It would mitigaite your image. may be people not saying you any thing in mail but they talk about you and this will bring your reputaion down and so of our site.

Just work hard dude. There is no short cut. I am very sorry to say here we are writing very monotonus articles..

Microsoft MVP award will come to way of every deserving candidate . Just work hard.

and Please dont take this post in negative way. take it in a postive way. This post was not to demotivate any one  but to push them on correct path.

I hope I am clear best of luck eveyone.


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