Congratulations Dhananjay Kumar C# Corner MVP

Have you heard this “There is a woman behind a success of man...”

I tried my hard (with help of some common friends as spy J) to find a woman behind Dhananjay Kumar?, but still clueless. Can you imagine, he just crossed 700 blog posts in 56 months while working with reputed organizations? His more than 500 posts including Tutorials, Articles and Blogs are available at C#Corner.  He started his blogging journey with C#Corner in Nov'2008 and he had wrote 400 posts till Nov'2011. Since then, he is actively associated with us and taking care of C#Corner Delhi Chapter as a Chapter Lead.

Really, it is a good achievement for a part time blogger to get more than 4.4 million read count and that is only at our . And let me tell you, this figure becomes more challenging if the person is engage in many activities including his job. At present, he works for Telerik and enjoys blogging, speaking. He does poetry also! :)  Hmm, excuse me, I don't have his poetry count with me at this moment, but believe me, it would be also awesome. J J

Sometime, I think, how this person manage his time and himself. I find him on social media in late night with his poetry and other wonderful comments.

The most important think, I like him is he has courage to accept and share his past. Generally peoples forget when they got highlighted. I seen him in our last MVP Summit when he shared us that how he got helped from Mahesh sir in his past bad-day.

I am not a good poet like him, but let me stop my word in his praise with these lines –

Yaro ye to DHUN ka pakka hi…

Yuwa hai par yakeen mano DIL ka sachha hi…

Dhokha dena iski fitrat nahi,

 Shikwa nahi, Shikayat bhi nahi,

Khwahishe to hai, pr yehshan faramoshi nahi,

Yakeen mano yaaro, ye dil ka sachha hi…

We all C#Corner –I wish you good luck. We all want to see you writing your 7000th post.