Deploy a NopCommerce MVC Site

TO deploy you need to follow following steps.
 Step 1: Run the Prepare.bat file to build the project in release mode and move the plugins to the correct directory.
 Step 2: Run the Deploy.bat file to perform the same procedure as the Prepare.bat file, but also move all the websites and files to the \Deployable\Nop_{Version} directory.
 Step 3: Select all the files in \Deployable\Nop_{Version} directory and upload them to your web server.
 Step 4: Copy and paste setting.txt and InstalledPlugins.txt to App_Data folder from Presentation's App_Data Folder.
 Step 5: Now copy and paste Deployable\Nop_{Version} folder to WWWRoot foder and Just follow the steps that you used to Configure a normal Site.
 Step 6: Backup the database from your develope system.
 Step 7: Restore the database on server and make changes in setting.txt file as per Database server Setting(Server name,Userid,Password and Database name)
 Now run the site, your nopcommerce Site will be live.