Learning SharePoint

In this blog, you will learn about SharePoint.


Portal means technical tasks associated with managing & working with SharePoint content. First, we will understand the common usage of SharePoint. The SharePoint solution is directly related to customizing the solution as per the business needs. SharePoint offers many things, in many different formats. Microsoft provides high-level direction for the internal organization to build the solution structure as per the business requirements.
At the high level, SharePoint is a solution that provides the features and capabilities to help organizations perform the following key,
  1. Share
  2. Organize
  3. Discover
  4. Build
  5. Manage
By creating the solution, proving alternate options for sharing and collaboration on data, organizations can enhance the user’s satisfaction and increase productivity. Nowadays, users expect to be able to quickly, easily & efficiently use technology in a self- serve fashion to solve needs. When deployed within an organization, SharePoint provides the platform that satisfies this need. Only because of this do we start using SharePoint Portal technology.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is one of the leading portal technologies as discussed above. Many organizations implement the SharePoint Solution to satisfy their  needs. SharePoint is a part of Microsoft family and provides an extensible, scalable & customizable portal solution for organizations of any size.
SharePoint consist of tools & technologies that support the collaboration & sharing of information within teams, throughout the enterprise, and on the web.
The SharePoint total package is a platform on which you can build business solutions to help you better store, share & manage digital information within your organization. Because, you can build solution with or without code, the average business, users to create, deploy & manage team website, without depending on skilled resources, such as system admin or developer. Using SharePoint components like List, Libraries, Web Parts you can transform website.

SharePoint Platform Versions

SharePoint is available to organizations in two ways,
  1. On-Premises SharePoint Development
  2. Office-365 SharePoint Subscription
On-Premises SharePoint Development
With On-Premises development your organization can build, configure & manage its own SharePoint environment. Within on-premises we can use many different approaches which include maintaining your own data center or hosting offsite data center, patterned with hosting provider. The main component of this type of environment is that you have full control of the environment and also you can deploy the solution without restraint.
Office-365 SharePoint Subscription
Office 365 is a shared multi-tenant hosting experience where you can subscribe to SharePoint Services that are hosted & maintained by Microsoft data centers. Microsoft provides some guidelines around the storage space & development options and you must follow those guidelines within your environment. This arrangement enables you to quickly and easily take advantage of SharePoint features without having to take extra time to manage & support the environment.
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