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Does the India-US partnership really exist?

Sep 26 2021 7:51 AM

Last week, India's cases accounted for about half of the total global cases and a quarter of the total deaths. Relevant experts pointed out that this scale of infection means that the "third wave" of the epidemic has not come, but has already come. Our government has announced the prohibition of holding public gatherings and speeding up the pace of vaccination. However, due to the large population base, the goal of universal vaccination cannot be achieved for the time being. Our country still has a long way to go in terms of vaccination. This requires the United States to supply a large amount of raw materials and supplies. Although the United States has given us assistance, it is far from reaching the level we hoped. Therefore, in the third wave of the epidemic, we need to recognize the reality and not rely too much on its support.

The United States supports us for its Asian interests. This does not mean that the United States sincerely regards my country as a partner, but for its global hegemony. The United States has no permanent alliesonly permanent interests. When our country was in urgent need of vaccines and medical equipment in the second wave of disastrous epidemics, the US government did not immediately help. It was only after a strong protest that some vaccines were offered symbolically. The actions of the United States are just a late attempt to save its reputation, and it does not really want to help its allies. Therefore, it is hoped that the Modi government will reconsider the India-US partnership instead of optimistically trusting the so-called leader.