Rohit Kumar
Can you recover truncated data in SQL SERVER?
By Rohit Kumar in SQL Server on Dec 02 2012
  • Naveen Bisht
    Mar, 2013 6

    While database is in full recovery mode, it can rollback any changes done by DELETE using Log files. TRUNCATE can not be rolled back using log files in full recovery mode.DELETE and TRUNCATE both can be rolled back when surrounded by TRANSACTION if the current session is not closed. If TRUNCATE is written in Query Editor surrounded by TRANSACTION and if session is closed, it can not be rolled back but DELETE can be rolled back.

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  • Malik Murad Al Ali
    Dec, 2012 16

    Email me your complete system details

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  • sarath kumar
    Dec, 2012 15

    Possible when session is not closed.. If Session is closed means it not. BEGIN TRAN TRUNCATE TABLE TableName -- Following SELECT will return TestTable empty SELECT * FROM TableName -- Following SELECT will return TestTable with original data ROLLBACK

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  • swayanajyoti pati
    Dec, 2012 13

    we can deallocate the truncate data in sql server

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