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Difference between SQL Server 2005 and 2008?
By Sudheshwer Rai in .NET on Feb 20 2015
  • Sudheshwer  Rai
    Feb, 2015 20

    SQL Server 2005:- 1- XML datatype is introduced. 2-Can not encrypt the entire database. 3-Date Time is used for bothe date and time. 4-No table datatype is included. 5-SSIS is started using. 6-CMS is not available. 7-PBM is not available.SQL Server 2008:- 1-XML Data type is used. 2-Can encrypt the entire database introduced in 2008. 3-Date and Time separately used for date and time. 4-Table data type introduced. 5-SSIS avails in this version. 6-Central Management Server(CMS) is introduced. 7-Policy Based Management(PBS) server is introduced.

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