40 Million Windows 8 Sold in a Month

Microsoft CEO says Windows 8 sales rate higher than Windows 7

Windows 8 may be missing the Start button but it seems like it is not missing the sales button. 

A yahoo news is reporting that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said on Monday that Windows 8 is selling better than Windows 7. Windows 7 was the one of the fastest selling operating system. 

"We're above where we were with Windows 7," Ballmer told the audience at the Windows Phone 8 launch event. 

In another report on ZDNet is saying that Microsoft has sold over 40 million licenses of Windows 8 to date. Windows 8 blog is also reporting that 40 million Windows 8 licenses are sold in a month. 

While the number of Windows 8 may not look bad at all, time will tell that how is that adds to the Microsoft revenue. Keep in mind, Windows 8 is loaded on Microsoft's Surface tablet and other tablets. 

Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8 raised eyebrows when they shifted the user interface from traditional Windows to a totally new tiled based user interface called Metro Style (later changed). Windows 8 also introduced a new concept of apps called  Windows Store apps.

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