A New File System in Windows 8

Using this news you will get information about the new file system in Window 8.

As you know Microsoft will release Windows 8 in Oct 2012. There are many features in the Windows 8 like as Reset and Refresh functionality. The another feature of Windows 8 is a new file system. This file system is Resilient File System (ReFS) . According to Microsoft "Windows 8 will run on  Resilient File System that will work with a new generation of storage technologies". 


Resilient File System is built on the foundations of New Technology File System (NTFS). Resilient File System maintain compatibility with the older file system. Resilient File System also maintain Large volume, file and directory sizes, Storage pooling and virtualization makes file system, Data striping for performance (bandwidth can be managed) and redundancy for fault tolerance, Disk scrubbing for protection against latent disk errors and Shared storage pools across machines for additional failure tolerance and load balancing.