A Telemedicine Second Opinion application developed on Web with 1 developer in 1 month

TYCON Software Engineering, which provides Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Management with its own technologic platform (BIZUIT), looked for a solution that would allow to take the WinForms code generated by the BIZUIT BPM Platform and produce a web interface as an output. Since this process had to be implemented in less than 60 days the solution should also allow fast implementation of the project's requirements.

The team chose Visual WebGui as the core platform for the Web UI in their products because of the straightforward and cost-effective translation process from the custom WinForms code generated by their BIZUIT Platform to a fully AJAX enabled UI. As a result, Visual WebGui allowed TYCON to improve their platform in a very simple and cost-effective way.

"The overall implementation process was pretty simple, we just took our WinForms code generated by our BPM tool (BIZUIT) and changed a couple of namespaces and it just worked! A fully AJAX web application was developed" Said Ariel Schwindt CEO of Tycon S.A.

On top of that, the deployment process with Visual WebGui was also very simple. "We just modified our tool to publish the required assemblies in any virtual directory" aded Schwindt.

Using Visual WebGui allowed Tycon to deliver the new solution faster than expected saving time and resources due to the easy and quick implementation process of the existing WinForms code. The original plan to convert the WinForms generated code to web was a 5 month/man effort. With Visual WebGui TYCON completed the job using only 1 developer for 1 month.

The full case study is available here


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