About the Author Profile Feature Announced

We are happy to announce a new feature for authors and put their profile with social media link inside their articles and blogs.

Dec. 19, 2014 - We are happy to announce a new feature to provide author details including the links to author social media accounts within every article and blog posted by an author.

The new author bio within an article looks like this:

About the Author is a new section we have implemented today to provide a brief description for the reader about the author of the post.

The purpose of this section is to increase the interaction of readers with the author and to highlight the milestones of an author in their post itself. The following are the points highlighted in this section:
  • Author Image
  • Author Name
  • Brief description about the author
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn follow options and you can also direct a message to the author
  • Personal Blog details if the author has any
  • Rank of the author
  • Total readers of the author
  • User Level
  • Count of C# Corner MVP Awards (If Achieved)
  • Count of Microsoft MVP Awards (If Achieved)

We appreciate all feedback for this new feature. Please submit yours in comment below OR send it to praveen AT c-sharpcorner DOT com.

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