Accenture Unleashes Big Data Analytics Platform

Accenture launches immersive environment to its analytical clouds, making an attempt to make data more accessible to enterprises and their employees. Accenture Connected Analytics Experience is the latest attempt.
The analytical team at Accenture is aiming to data science available to all C-level execs. Accenture main aim is enable people with data skill sets to team up, across multiple screens. Along with this, the company is highlighting the traditional integrators system and how they are able to react software, making intellectual property accessible.
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As stated on the website:
"The Experience provides organizations with next-generation business intelligence powered by end-to-end analytics offerings including analytics strategy, a multidisciplinary data insights team, a data platform containing big data technologies and an analytics center of excellence that democratizes analytics."
The Accenture Connected Analytics Experience is an effort in order to innovate the interface and make data more accessible to its users. The Accenture's analytics environment is a teleprescence site as well as an augmented computing.
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