Adobe Announces Project Comet, Photoshop Fix And Other Updates To Creative Cloud

Adobe announced Project Comet, Adobe Fuse, Photoshop Fix, Portfolio and other updates to Creative Cloud at the MAX conference in Los Angeles today.
In the keynote, Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Media at Adobe said,
"Creative Cloud has become the de facto platform for all creatives, providing the tools and services to fulfill every creative need. With this latest release, we're giving our creative customers the freedom they need to work and be inspired from anywhere,"
"Being connected to your assets, team and projects, at all times, is critical to today's designers. With this Creative Cloud update, Adobe's signature CreativeSync technology drives powerful connections between desktop and mobile apps as well as essential creative assets." 
Adobe showcased the following:
Project Comet
Adobe revealed Project Comet, a tool that gives a vector design environment. It would offer everything you need from design to prototype from the scratch to the end.
Adobe Portfolio
Adobe Portfolio is a new method to create simple, creative and responsive portfolio website. It will be available for free with any Adobe Creative Cloud plan. Creatives can now customize Portfolio websites to make look awesome for all screen sizes. It also includes Typekit fonts. 
Adobe Fuse
Adobe Fuse is now officially made public. As stated:
“The Photoshop team is reinventing the process to create and composite human characters. Today, we’re introducing Adobe Fuse, a new desktop application for anyone to create fully customizable 3D human characters in just minutes.” 
Photoshop Fix 
To prevent users from getting more complicated experience of Photoshop, Adobe split its features into some mobile apps that now includes Photoshop Fix, an app for editing and retouching. Also, you can find Liquify tool while editing.
Artboard Support
Artboard support would make it simpler to design entire apps inside Photoshop.
Touchscreen support
Adobe introduced updated Touch workspaces to InDesign CC and Illustrator CC. This would surely help mobile creativity for designers. 
Adobe Stock Adds Support For Video
Adobe Stock now added support for video. It would be available in HD right now, and 4k is planned for future updates. 
For more information, visit the keynote.