Adobe Brings Adobe Experience Cloud For Enterprises

Adobe launches Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe Summit on March 21, 2017. The brand-new Experience Cloud is a comprehensive set of cloud services, that integrates with Creative Cloud and Document Cloud, and employs Adobe Sensei’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities within so as to enhance the customer service experience for the enterprises.
Brad Rencher, Executive VP and General Manager, Digital Marketing, Adobe, stated,
“An exceptional experience is the most important step in a long-term relationship with a customer and requires deep intelligence and amazing design. Leveraging deep customer intelligence, Adobe Experience Cloud gives businesses everything they need to deliver a well-designed, personal and consistent experience that delights customers at every touchpoint.”
Adobe Experience Cloud combines the capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Analytics Cloud together and offers a complete, robust, and extensible platform for businesses to provide their customers with world-class cloud solution.
As per the official website,
"Adobe Experience Cloud gives you access to an integrated set of solutions to build campaigns, manage your advertising, and gain deep intelligence about your business. And it’s all unified through powerful core services that give you access to your customer profiles, centralized assets, powerful tagging, and an ecosystem of partners and developers to extend the value of all the solutions. It’s everything you need to orchestrate a great customer experience."
You can learn more about this release at Adobe Newsroom.