Adobe Comes With Creative Cloud Driving Analytics Workspace

On Thursday, Adobe plot a component called Analysis Workspace in its analytics tools. Well the idea behind that is to take prompts from Adobe's devices for inventive experts and stretch out them to data scientists and business executives.

More or less, Adobe's Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics is designed according to its Creative Cloud. Just like you would edit a photo, marketers and business teams can move and customize information for more clarification.

As stated on
"Data wonks can "express their analytics creativity" and drill down on each layer of data"

Adobe's Analysis Workspace has the following features:

  • Drag and drop tools that allows business pros to add metrics, segments and other information on a canvas.
  • Instant data visualization and the ability to swap, resize and rename charts and graphs.
  • Tools such as anomaly detection, contribution analysis, calculated metrics and cohort analysis.

Let's take a look of Adobe's analytics canvas.

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With the move, Adobe turns into the most recent organization to endeavor to convey data science and analytics to the masses. As Adobe noted, analytics is just as solid as your weakest connection or learner client.