Adobe Moves Forward On New Open Standard For Cloud-Based Digital Signatures

Adobe says that it processes more than six billion digital as well as electronic signature transactions every year through Adobe Sign and Adobe Document Cloud. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that the creative software company is backing a consortium of tech providers in a push to bring about industrywide open standards for the way in which documents are signed on the internet.
Just like other standards-driven initiatives, the Cloud Signature Consortium aims to build a global network of industry contributors who will work together for creating a new standard of specifications for cloud-based digital signatures. These specifications could be used for building secure digital signature functionality across a range of cloud applications as well as mobile devices.
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Adobe states
“Digital signatures differ from electronic signatures in several ways. They require the use of a digital ID issued by a trusted certificate provider, which often requires an in person visit to the provider itself. That can be a real inconvenience in the midst of a high-pressure work day. The digital ID is an encrypted string of characters stored on a secure device, such as a smart card or USB drive, which plugs into a computer loaded with special software. The software is often difficult to use on a desktop or laptop and impossible to use on a tablet or phone without the proper ports for a card or USB. This setup is not only a cumbersome experience for the user but is completely reliant on the desktop in a world populated by an increasingly mobile workforce.”
The European Commission has responded with the new Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Service (eIDAS), and hence from July 1, a rigorous new requirement for secure signatures will become law throughout the EU.
The company states,
“This new open standard for cloud-based digital signatures will allow anyone to digitally sign documents from anywhere and on any device – such as applying for a business license, government benefits, or signing for a large loan.”

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