Adobe moving to cloud

Yesterday, Oracle announced its cloud services to complete with Microsoft, Amazon and others and now Adobe is following the footsteps of the future.

“Adobe Acrobat XI will support Cloud.”

The registrar reports that Adobe is upgrading its platform to include cloud support that will not only including storing and sharing of documents but also editing them, similar to what Microsoft Office 365 provides.

Adobe Acrobat XI will have the cloud integration for PDFs and it will have two editions, standard and pro pricing at $299 and $449 that includes cloud creation, storage, sharing and electronic signing.

“Acrobat XI includes electronic signing.”

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Office 2013 Preview that supports SkyDrive to store and share documents. Microsoft actually went couple of more steps ahead of its competitors and announced Office Store apps. Office Store apps allows developers to build their own little widgets like apps and sell them on the Office Store. There are several apps available today that you could import within your documents and use them.


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