After Amazon and Facebook; Google enters the delivery drones market

Google on Thursday reveals its first prototype of a 5-foot-wide single winged delivery drone which for now focus on disaster-relief situations.

Google[x], the secretive special projects lab of Google, has revealed the prototype of its drone-based delivery program called Project Wing on Thursday. Google has been working on this project for two years, but was a secret until now. The video released by Google shows the testing of drones in Queensland, Australia delivering goods to farmers.
With Project Wing, Google join its rivals Amazon's Prime Air and Facebook's Connectivity Lab in the delivery-drone market. However, the original motive behind Project Wing was to deliver defibrillators to heart patients within a couple of minutes. Google said that its long term goal was to develop drones that could be used in disaster situations like earthquakes, tsunamis and provide items like first-aid kits, medicines, batteries to people in isolated areas.
Moreover, the announcement of Project Wing came just days after Amazon snatched away Twitch from Google showing the rivalry is heating up between Google and Amazon.