Alexa Brings New Publishing and Hosting Capabilities

New Publishing and Hosting Capabilities allows you to more efficiently expand your skills to new locales, roll back to previous skill versions, and start a new skill using templates.

Amazon has launched several features that simplify the skill-building process by allowing developers to more efficiently expand their skills to new locales, roll back to previous skill versions, start a new skill using templates, and quickly deploy updates as well as minimize customer latency.
Locale Clone (GA) and Automated Locale Distribution (GA), are two new features that enable you to more easily expand your skills to new locales. Another new feature Skill Rollback (beta) enables you to quickly revert back to the previous version of your live skill if you find a bug or friction that was introduced to customers during a skill update.
Locale Clone enables you to create or update a locale by cloning a previously-built locale. Automated Locale Distribution enables you to distribute your skills to all locales of a given language. You will just need to opt into this feature in the Availability section of the Alexa Developer Console. Alexa will make local copies on your behalf and publish them to their respective Alexa Skill Stores.
Amazon said that Alexa-hosted skills enable developers to create their skill end to end through the Alexa Developer Console without worrying about provisioning the back-end resources for their kills. You can also get started quickly by using one of the skill templates available in the console and continuing development on the online code editor in the console. Offline tools such as Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface (ASK CLI) or Alexa Skills Toolkit for Visual Studio Code are also available for you.
The company has released a variety of new Alexa-hosted Skills templates to enable developers use featured functionality like APL and APL for audio, Alexa Conversations, account linking, reminders, and more. You can also start a new skill along with the new templates by importing any publicly shared skills on Git repositories.
Source: Amazon
Moreover, the company has also made improvements to make builds and deployments of Alexa-hosted skills even faster. All the builds and deployments on Alexa-hosted skills are now less than 20 seconds.